The first step in creating your “look” is to choose the right color.  Without the right color, you will create a clash of colors, and it will leave your face with a mask- like an appearance.  Liquid foundation makeup will look different in a bottle than it does on your skin so it is best to purchase it where there is a makeup consultant that can actually put it on your face. Avoid doing your color tests in florescent lighting.  Natural lighting or sunlight is best and should always be used when deciding on your ideal color.

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Help In Choosing The Correct Color

Choose correct color by testing it on your jawline, not on your hands and wrist. Your face and your neck will usually be of different coloring and this will be the place you want your liquid foundation makeup to blend in both areas.  If you have an ivory or beige skin coloring start on the neck and blend up into the face for the best match.  If you have a bronze skin coloring blend from the cheeks and jawline down to the neck.  The will allow for the natural differences in color from face to neck and will avoid a shadow painted line look.

Best Ways to Apply Liquid Foundation Makeup


Whether you use a sponge, brush, or your finger to apply your liquid foundation makeup is a matter of personal preference. No matter which you choose, make sure your applicator is clean before you start.  If you choose your finger,  use the ring or middle finger as they are the dominant fingers and will give you a better feel for what you are doing.  Use the back of your hand as an artist would use a palette.  Apply a small drop and pick it up with your applicator using just enough to cover it completely.  Then start on your cheek, and using small circular motions work in toward the nose and then out toward the hairline and jaw line.  Work to get an even look,  blending your liquid foundation makeup in each application from the first to the last so as to avoid lines or unnatural patches.  Blend each area quickly before it dries.


Tips for Those with Oily or Dry Skin Types

Before you set out for the day, you must set your liquid foundation makeup.  For oily skins, this is done by applying loose or pressed powder to your face.  If you are working with a dry skin, it should be set with blotting tissues.

The general rule for liquid foundation makeup is to start with clean skin covered with a thin layer of moisturizer,  use clean applicators,  and finish with small clean sweeping strokes.