Soccer Gear

Soccer games are played in almost every part of the globe. The game soccer is very popular among children as well as grown-ups. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world that involves physical contact with its players. That is why injuries are commonplace in the game soccer. A recreational soccer game does not require soccer gears. Only the feet and wide open space are needed for you to play. On the other hand, on organized soccer games, tournaments and leagues, individual soccer gears and equipment are required for every player or team. Listed below are some of the essential soccer gears and stuff.

Soccer Balls

What would soccer be without soccer balls? You can not play soccer without it. Some people may not know it, but soccer ball comes in three sizes. These are size three, size four and size five. Each one of these sizes is composed of different kinds of materials.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are also known as soccer boots. Soccer boots are one of the most crucial soccer gears in playing the game soccer. Always make sure that your soccer cleats fit comfortably. Soccer cleats protect sprains and breaks in the ankles while playing soccer. Soccer cleats also protect your feet from other pairs of cleats. Some soccer cleats are made for various weather types and playing field surfaces. Always have the right soccer cleats that can cope up with your kind of play.

Shin Guards

Shin guard offers protection from injuries in the legs. All organized soccer games require participating team to have their players wear a shin guard. Shin guards protect the lower portion of the leg from bruising or breaking. There are many types of the shin guard. Lightweight shin guards (which are favored by attacking soccer players) give the wearer protection and at the same time do not sacrifice the wearer’s mobility. Heavy duty shin guards are approved by defenders for additional protection. Lotto shin guards protect the wearer from injuries in the lower portion of the leg where most of the soccer cleats and soccer balls are likely to hit.

Goalie Gloves

Goalies or goalkeeper should wear gloves for additional grip on the ball and protect the fingers, joints, and palms from injury. Goalie gloves also cushion the impact of the soccer ball.

Soccer gears and equipment are meant to protect the player from injuries. From the soccer jersey to the soccer cleats, all of these items work together to make sure that the player can enjoy the game and at the same time protect the player or wearer. Always make sure that all of the items that are mentioned fit properly for comfort.